Work Yes, Vote No: Immigration Reform Made Simple

Work Yes, Vote No.  The common sense, compassionate answer to the immigration/illegal alien hoopla.  If you agree with this stance, I suggest you contact Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ and ask him to get a White House petition going now, before the Repubs and Dems can screw things up any more than they have.

1.  Institute a work program for illegal immigrants.  Require registration, annual review/renewal, strict adherence by the worker and his/her employer.

2.  Impose taxes upon the worker with proceeds going to most affected institutions, like health care, roads, schools, security.  Until this country assumes a flat tax program, make the taxes laid upon the immigrant worker at a special, significant rate.

3.  Assign monitoring of this program to the DHS.  Strict penalties to any employer not following the regs.  Strict repercussions to any DHS official not willing to enforce and follow the law himself.

4.  Mandatory Hepatitis and TB screening for illegals.

5.  Special driving permits only to those who can read and pass English driving tests (or change all traffic signs to Spanish/bilingual)

Simple, reasonable.  No amnesty.  No giving away of U.S. citizenship.  No politics.